Civil Air Patrol

Shawnee Composite Squadron Pilots Top Illinois Wing’s Flight Hours


A few of the Shawnee Composite Squadron pilots after an aircrew mission. Captain Evan Youngblood (left), Major Steven Goetz (center), Captain Aron Peterson (right)

At the end of each fiscal year, all of the different wings within Civil Air Patrol crunches numbers and reviews multiple reports to determine how many hours pilots and the aircraft in the wing accumulated the previous year.  The operations and command staff of the Shawnee Composite Squadron, located in Herrin, Illinois, are proud to announce the pilots of Shawnee have flown 301.6 hours this year, more than any other unit in Illinois by at least 50 hours.  In fact, the hours flown by the pilots of the Shawnee Composite Squadron make up over 15% of the total hours flown in Illinois.


Major Steven Goetz piloting N470CP, a Civil Air Patrol Gippsland GA-8 Airvan.

Because the aircraft assigned to the squadron was unavailable for most of the summer due to maintenance or it being grounded for a period of time so it could be used at the Illinois Wing Summer Encampment, and was down for an extended period of time in the spring when it was getting a new paint job and a new interior, the pilots from the Shawnee Composite Squadron had to use other aircraft from all over Illinois in order to fulfill the missions in the Southern Illinois area.  Aircraft from Alton, Moline, and DuPage were temporarily utilized due to the large amount of missions that the Shawnee Composite Squadron performs.  Even with the assistance from these aircraft, approximately 100 hours of counterdrug missions unfortunately had to be canceled.  If these were able to be flown, the Shawnee Composite Squadron pilots could have potentially exceeded 400 hours of flight time, an achievement that is well beyond rare in Civil Air Patrol.

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